jQuery Validation With Placeholders

When styling forms that use HTML5 placeholders, you usually need a fallback javascript solution for older browsers. I like using jquery.placeholder since it's simple to use and integrates with bower. The plugin shows/hides the placeholder as a value, so you can get into issues validating once the form is submitted.

Styling Different Pages of Drupal Webforms

Styling drupal webforms can be pretty tricky, since there are many ways to customize. If you're not already familiar with hook_form_alter and her sister function hook_form_BASE_FORM_ID_alter, then I highly recommend reading up on them. They are indispensable for all things involving forms in drupal.

Let's Talk About GIT!

Here are the slides from the GIT presentation at Tuesday's DBUG meetup.

Adding a View to an Automated Newsletter

Drupal's Views module makes it simple to pull together and display lists of content. The Simplenews allows site owners to send emails to lists of newsletter subscribers. But displaying the views in the newsletter is not that easy ... or is it?

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