Today's web development environment is rich with content management systems and platforms. There are many available options that are robust, secure, and flexible by design. The big projects, like Drupal and Wordpress, are constantly being developed by teams of dedicated programmers for better security, performance, usability, and adherence to web standards. I can help you harness the awesome power of these projects to develop websites with an integrated content management system complete with point-and-click administration.

Building an effective website requires careful attention to many different factors. Being aware of the latest technologies is crucial in todays environment, but even more important is to understand and tune into the needs and goals of the website's users. I am available to help clients take their vision and craft an informed, cogent plan of action.

There could be certain needs unique to your project that don't have a ready-made solution available. I am available to write custom code (usually as Drupal modules in PHP and javascript/jQuery) to cover this space.

Graphics play a pivotal role in web users' experience. Good design makes information accessible, functionality clear, and exploration enjoyable. When brand identity is essential or many moving parts need to be integrated, I create templates and graphics aimed at aligning and integrating every element into a unified purpose.