Graphic design

Graphics play a pivotal role in web users' experience. Good design makes information accessible, functionality clear, and exploration enjoyable. When brand identity is essential or many moving parts need to be integrated, I create templates and graphics aimed at aligning and integrating every element into a unified purpose.

America's Wildlife Values

Built with:

America’s Wildlife Values is a research partnership between federal and state fish and wildlife management agencies and leading academic institutions. Our goal is to inform effective wildlife management through a better understanding of the wildlife values held by the American public.

Climate Change Education Partnership

"The Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) program seeks to establish a coordinated national network of regionally- or thematically-based partnerships devoted to increasing the adoption of effective, high quality educational programs and resources related to the science of climate change and its impacts."

Collaborative Conservation Learning Network

Collaborative Conservation Learning Network

"The purpose of the Collaborative Conservation Learning Network (CCLN) is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, innovations, tools and study results, and to foster connections among academics, practitioners and others, to help worldwide collaborative conservation efforts become effective and sustainable."

Areas Protegidas

Areas Protegidas Screenshot

Built with:

"Sound management, provided by trained professionals, and citizen support will ensure the maintenance of these important areas which anchor the success of nature conservation into the 21st century. The Center for Protected Area Management & Training was formed to assist protected area professionals in strengthening the management of the world's protected areas and adjacent lands."

Conservation Leadership Through Learning

CLTL Learning Portal Screenshot

"Through the Conservation Leadership through Learning (CLTL) initiative, we are pioneering a new model for graduate education that will prepare the next generation of conservation leaders. CLTL merges transdisciplinary University education with real-world action to create on-the-ground benefits for conservation and communities."

Bungee Beader

Built with:

"Free-form, stream-of-consciousness approach to bead design based out of Roswell, NM."

Kim Stahl Design

Kim Stahl Design Screenshot

Services provided:

"Personal instruction in jewelry design at the beginner level, as well as, for custom design work in beading and sterling silver jewelry."

The Sea Under the City

Denton The Sea Under the City

Services provided:

"A sun-drenched, beachy sojourn that gives way to a lonesome subterranean voyage fraught with cognitive dissonance, demonic possession, delusions, death, communion with Jesus, and finally a gleeful reunion with Uma, the Sea Dog, minutes before the Apocalypse."

Perfect Score Tutoring

Perfect Score Tutoring Screenshot

Built with:

"Perfect Score Tutoring, a recognized SES provider under the "No Child Left Behind" law for seven years, has helped NYC students of all grade levels succeed by building confidence."

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