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Today's web development environment is rich with content management systems and platforms. There are many available options that are robust, secure, and flexible by design. The big projects, like Drupal and Wordpress, are constantly being developed by teams of dedicated programmers for better security, performance, usability, and adherence to web standards. I can help you harness the awesome power of these projects to develop websites with an integrated content management system complete with point-and-click administration.

America's Wildlife Values

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America’s Wildlife Values is a research partnership between federal and state fish and wildlife management agencies and leading academic institutions. Our goal is to inform effective wildlife management through a better understanding of the wildlife values held by the American public.

Collaborative Conservation Learning Network

Collaborative Conservation Learning Network

"The purpose of the Collaborative Conservation Learning Network (CCLN) is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, innovations, tools and study results, and to foster connections among academics, practitioners and others, to help worldwide collaborative conservation efforts become effective and sustainable."

Areas Protegidas

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"Sound management, provided by trained professionals, and citizen support will ensure the maintenance of these important areas which anchor the success of nature conservation into the 21st century. The Center for Protected Area Management & Training was formed to assist protected area professionals in strengthening the management of the world's protected areas and adjacent lands."

Conservation Leadership Through Learning

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"Through the Conservation Leadership through Learning (CLTL) initiative, we are pioneering a new model for graduate education that will prepare the next generation of conservation leaders. CLTL merges transdisciplinary University education with real-world action to create on-the-ground benefits for conservation and communities."

Waverly Community

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"The Waverly Community Group (WGC) is exploring options for the future of Waverly so it can determine its own destiny as a rural community. The Waverly Community Group believes Waverly has its own history, culture, and rural character that should not be swallowed up by neighboring cities or towns."

Bungee Beader

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"Free-form, stream-of-consciousness approach to bead design based out of Roswell, NM."

Perfect Score Tutoring

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"Perfect Score Tutoring, a recognized SES provider under the "No Child Left Behind" law for seven years, has helped NYC students of all grade levels succeed by building confidence."

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