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About me: 

I have been a web designer and developer for about 7 years and currently work at LRXD. I use Drupal as my main go-to development framework. I am familiar with the ecosystem of contributed modules and have experience writing custom modules and themes (for D6 and D7) and am comfortable following "the drupal way" of doing things.

I am an open source enthusiast because of its free and open spirit, as well as its collaborative nature. My career goal at this time is to become a strong coder and begin contributing code to the Drupal community. I am passionate about learning and enjoy trying to keep with emerging open technologies (like server side javascript and nosql).

When I'm not building websites, I enjoy cooking, playing chess, hiking around the Colorado mountains, playing music (usually combining electronic, rock, and soul/funk influences), and watching old-timey black and white film noir flicks.

You can find me on the web at: